Muhammad ibn Muslim narrates:
Imam Muhammad Baqir (a.s) said, “If people knew the reward for performing the Ziyarat of the grave of Hussain (a.s), their souls would leave their bodies out of remorse of not having performed Ziyarat and they will die while longing for it.”

I asked, “What is the reward for performing His Ziyarat?” Imam (a.s) replied, “Allah (swt) will record for those who performing the Ziyarat of Hussain (a.s) while longing for him, the reward of one thousand accepted Hajj, one thousand accepted Umrah, one thousand martyrs from the martyrs of the Battle of Badr, fasting of one thousand people, one thousand accepted sadaqa (acts of charity) and the reward of freeing one thousand slaves in the way of Allah (swt). He will be protected for one year from every plague, the least evil of which is Shaitan. And Allah (swt) will devote an honorable angel who will protect him from the front, from behind, from the left side, from the right side, from above his head, and under his feet.” If he dies within that year, the angels of mercy will attend his ablution and shrouding. They will follow his funeral while seeking forgiveness for him. His grave will be widened as far as he can see. Allah (swt) will keep him safe from the squeezing of the grave and remove his fear from the angels Munkar and Nakir. A door from his grave to Jannah will be opened. On the Day of Judgment his book of deeds will be placed in his right hand, and he will be illuminated by a noor so bright it will brighten everywhere from the east to the west. A crier will call out, “This is a person who performed the Ziyarat of Hussain (a.s) while longing for Him.” There will be none on the Day of Judgment who will not wish he had performed the Ziyarat of Hussain (a.s).”